Herb Gold. A real gentleman.

During production for our new documentary about Key West, “Bohemia in the Tropics,” we flew to San Francisco to interview Herb Gold, author of the book “Bohemia: Where Art, Angst, Love and Strong Coffee Meet.” Now in his eighties, Gold still lives in the North Beach neighborhood where he kicked around in the 1960s with Allen Ginsburg and Richard Brautigan. We spent a wonderful foggy morning with Herb in his flat and he told us great stories about his travels through what he calls the landscape of bohemia. “In any city I go,” he said, “I just have to ask someone on a college campus or place I’m giving a reading, ‘Where do we meet,’ and I’ll find that bar, that cafe, that place where bohemians congegrate. That happens all around the world.” Herb was very generous with his time and memories; we only wish we had more time to spend with him. Here’s a picture I took of Herb that morning.


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One Response to Herb Gold. A real gentleman.

  1. Love the blog – particularly this photo. Herb looks like the best kind of guide for this landscape. Can’t wait to see the film!

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