“Bohemia in The Tropics” Book List

These are the books I read for research and sources I used for our upcoming documentary “Key West: Bohemia in the Tropics.”

Midnight Cowboy
James Leo Herlihy

See America First: Tourism and National Identity, 1880-1940
Marguerite Shaffer

Key West: History of an Island of Dreams
Maureen Ogle

Land of Sunshine, State of Dreams: A Social History of Modern Florida
Gary Mormino

The WPA Guide To Florida, 1939

Key West, Florida: American Guide Series, 1941

Bohemia: Where Art, Angst, Love and Strong Coffee Meet
Herbert Gold

Rise of The Creative Class
Richard Florida

The Thing Itself: The Search for Authenticity
Richard Todd

The Key West Reader
Edited by George Murphy

Key West Writers and Their Houses
Lynn Kaufelt

Wallace Stevens: Selected Poems
Selected by Samuel French Morse

Letters of Wallace Stevens
Edited by Holly Stevens

To Have and Have Not
Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway: Selected Letters 1917-1961
Selected by Carlos Baker

Selected Letters of Tennessee Williams
Vols 1 & 2
Edited by Albert Devlin and Nancy Tischeer

92 in The Shade
Tom McGuane

Tom McGuane

The Bushwhacked Piano
Tom McGuane

A Story That Ends With a Scream
James Leo Herlihy

The Sleep of Baby Filbertson
James Leo Herlihy

Key West in Black & White
Tom Corcoran

The Streets of Key West
J. Willis Burke

Neo-Bohemia: Art and Commerce in the Postindustrial City
Richard Lloyd

New World Coming: The 1920s and The Making of Modern America
Nathan Miller

Pilgrim in the Land of Alligators
Jeff Klinkenberg

Letters From The Lost Generation
Gerald and Sara Murphy


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