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Downtown Denver, August 1977

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What Motivates Us?

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More Advice For Struggling Newspapers

From Mashable today, “5 Ways To Monetize the Future of News Media.” Bottom line from Jay Rosen: Newspapers are going to have to try “creative combinations” because, “There isn’t going to be one model that replaces the old one.”

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Smart Web Project: Guide to U.S. Senate

New project from Mark Luckie at 10000Words. Another example of a “thoughtful structure.” Your Guide to the United States Senate Floor Procedures.

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A Moment in Time Photo

Our photo included in the New York Times Lens blog “A Moment in Time” project.

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Froomkin: “Why Playing it Safe is Killing Newspapers”

The right way to reinvent ourselves online would be to do precisely what journalists were put on this green earth to do: Seek the truth, hold the powerful accountable, expose the B.S., explain how things really work, introduce people to … Continue reading

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In the editing cave

We’re making the final push on our Key West documentary. Here’s the view from inside our keys editing cave. Looks like a beautiful day out there.

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“Stop playing bouncer”

From Scott Rosenberg’s Wordyard blog: We should stop playing bouncer at the gates of the journalism club. We should be willing to welcome anyone who sallies forth to do journalism as long as they arrive somewhere in the right vicinity. … Continue reading

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The Kind of Web Content People Will Pay For

“Why try to sell advertisers on a broad television network when you can get subscribers — investment banks, analysts, market players — to pay and pay dearly for the information ginned up by 2,800 reporters from 200 bureaus around the … Continue reading

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First Edition Today of the Honolulu Civil Beat

Here’s the premiere of Honolulu Civil Beat, the news start-up backed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. It’s led by former Rocky Mountain News Editor and President John Temple, mentioned before here.

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