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BBC Report: “A new journalism on the horizon”

Cinemas and bookstores may be headed for the dust heap, says the BBC’s Andrew Marr, and digital devices will continue to replace magazines and newspapers. But we’re just may be at the beginning of a great new age for journalism, … Continue reading

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Week 12 at Honolulu Civil Beat

Politics, renewable energy and “The Value of Hawaii.” It’s John Temple’s report on week 12 at The Honolulu Civil Beat, the online news start-up backed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

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Life Down On The Content Farm

A recent graduate of a top journalism school, who is only identified as a “working journalist” in the piece, tells PBS MediaShift’s Corbin Hiar about the life of a content creator at Demand Media: “I was completely aware that I … Continue reading

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Pew Mobile Access Report: Video is fastest growing non-voice data app on cell phones

The new Mobile Access report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project reported a big jump during the last year in people using their cell phones to record video. Of the eight non-voice data applications Pew tracked, video recording … Continue reading

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“Overseas Highway” Production Stills

Started production on our new documentary for Miami PBS station WLRN this week. It’s going to be about the lives lived along US Route 1, the Overseas Highway, from Key Largo to Key West. Here are some production stills from … Continue reading

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UCBComedy Video: BP Spills Coffee

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Content Farms & The Death of Journalism

Good piece by Dylan Stableford on The Wrap about content farms like Demand and Associated Content. and their impact on journalism. Many journalists see them as writing and video-making sweatshops, but Betsy Morgan, former chief executive at the Huffington Post, … Continue reading

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Videos from the Ben Franklin Project

On the 4th of July, Journal Register newspapers around the country tested their independence from the old print model of putting out a paper. Here is an evaluation of the project results from Steve Early’s blog. And here are some … Continue reading

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The Ben Franklin Project

This weekend, Journal Register CEO John Patton leads the company’s newspapers in a test of their ability to free themselves from the old print model of putting out a paper. “On July 4, 2010, the Journal Register Company’s 19 daily … Continue reading

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