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Burton Holmes and the Invention of the Travelogue

A fascinating and little known character in American travel history, Burton Holmes (1870-1958) was a lecturer who may or may not have invented the term “travelogue.” The Chicago-born banker’s son certainly was one of the first practitioners of the craft, … Continue reading

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“YouTube Play” at the Guggenheim

Last night’s live stream “You Tube Play” event at the Guggenheim in NYC, showcasing video art from around the globe. Home Page: Some of the videos:

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Jay Rosen’s Advice to the Next Generation of Journalists

NYU’s Jay Rosen uses the “I’m mad as hell” clip from the 1976 movie Network to help demonstrate what new media is doing to the groups we used to call the audience, the public, journalists and the media, in a … Continue reading

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Does Journalism Exist?

“Journalists have never before been able to tell stories so effectively, bouncing off each other, linking to each other (as the most generous and open-minded do), linking out, citing sources, allowing response – harnessing the best qualities of text, print, … Continue reading

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Archival Film Transports You Back To 1906

CBS’s 60 Minutes runs, unedited, an amazing 11-minute reel of film here, shot in San Francisco just days before the 1906 earthquake. I only wish there were natural sound rather than the swelling music. Here’s another edited copy of the … Continue reading

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Online Journalism’s “5 Best” Lists on Community, Data, etc.

A great resource: Recommended RSS feeds from Online Journalism Blog here.

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“How to be a Data Journalist”

Excellent post here from The Guardian on how to combine skills such as investigative research, design, and others to do “data journalism.”

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