What Does the News Story of the Future Look Like?

In an essay published on poynter.org, London’s Guardian Newspaper Editor in Chief Alan Rusbridger describes the challenges inherent in “embracing a world where we do not imagine that we, as traditionally trained journalists, are the only experts or authorities,” a world in which publishers become platform creators to promote information sharing among journalists and others, including readers, sources, et al.

“There are challenges to how we think of journalism implicit in all this,” writes Rusbridger. ” One of the most fundamental questions is about how we think of the basic currency of journalism — the story. Ten years ago few of us would have questioned what a story was: It was an efficient, pyramid-structured way of telling the reader what happened at a particular point in time. It often had a beginning, a middle and an end. There was generally little by way of response. The next day you’d move onto the next story. … Everything about that tidy world has changed.”

Read the full post here.

Here’s Rusbridger’s platform example from the Guardian website, the Guardian Environment Network.


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