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FRONTLINE: “Revolution in Cairo”

Great Frontline series piece on Cairo protests on PBS website. Here’s an excerpt on YouTube:

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“The Open Web” vs. “Corporate Blogging Silos”

Responding to a NYTimes article, Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter, blogging pioneer Dave Winer got into a “heated discussion” (his words) on Twitter in which he described the “Young” in the Times piece as “hamsters,” … Continue reading

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“News is an Environment, Not a Publication”

“News is an environment, not a publication” comes from a great post this week by Dave Winer. In the post, titled “Join your community on the Internet,” Winer urges news organizations to pay more attention to their readers, viewers and … Continue reading

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The Fate of News Start-Up TBD

From Terry Heaton’s PoMo Blog post yesterday on the fate of TBD, the Allbritton Communications experimental local news blog launched last year.  Multimedia is out, TV is back in.  “According to reports out of Washington, Albritton Communications is transferring control … Continue reading

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Journalism Isn’t Obsolete, It’s Just More Complex

I was revisiting a topic I’ve written about before here, the future of the news story, when I came across a post that’s an excerpt from the new book Blur: How to Know What’s True in the Age of Information … Continue reading

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Nick Bilton on Digital vs. Print Magazines

Interesting tidbit in a Nick Bilton article, “A Race Between Digital and Print Magazines,” from the Bits blog in today’s New York Times: “A recent report released by Forrester noted that 49 percent of tablet owners are actively reading newspapers … Continue reading

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AOL’s Master Plan Leaked

Some interesting points from the leaked AOL Master Plan on Business Insider”: AOL wants to deliver “news you can use.” AOL’s channels, called Towns, need to drive 50% of their revenue from ads, 50% from commerce. AOL wants to get … Continue reading

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“My 16 (so far), or what I’ve learned as we re-build Forbes products”

Last year, Forbes launched a print and online redesign.  Lewis DVorkin, chief product officer at Forbes Media, has now posted some initial thoughts on the project.  DVorkin, who founded the content news network True/Slant, says that, when re-architecting print and … Continue reading

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