“News is an Environment, Not a Publication”

“News is an environment, not a publication” comes from a great post this week by Dave Winer. In the post, titled “Join your community on the Internet,” Winer urges news organizations to pay more attention to their readers, viewers and listeners. News organizations need to learn how to get more involved in their communities, he said, adding that they should definitely stop thinking of themselves as the gatekeepers of information. “Stop feeling like you’re on top of us and we’re “down there.” That is no longer what’s going on. We’re all around you. One day we might be readers, the next day we’re your source, but — get this — we’re still the same person every damned day no matter what we look like to you.”

Read the full post here.

This reminds of something The Guardian’s Editor-in-Chief Alan Rusbridger said to Charlie Rose last year about news organizations needing to shed their “journalistic arrogance.” See the full post & interview here.

Dan Gillmor & Jay Rosen have been talking about the “people formerly known as the audience” for a while.

Gillmor is a great champion of collaboration between and among news organizations and sources and various (formerly known as) audience segments or, as they should be called now, communities. Gilmor talks here about “changing from lecture to conversation.”

Rosen had some interesting things to say about this after Jon Stewart’s Rally For Sanity here.


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