Bohemia In The Tropics

Key West: Bohemia in the Tropics tells the story of how a radical New Deal experiment during the Great Depression led to the laid-back, “anything goes” lifestyle of today’s Key West. Since Bohemia began airing nationwide on PBS stations in June 2011, it has been broadcast more than 1,000 times.

FILM WEBSITE: Bohemia in the Tropics

REVIEW: The Miami Herald, “A Hilarious Ode To Key West.”


5 Responses to Bohemia In The Tropics

  1. Ginny Fry says:

    I hope to have the privilege of seeing this film in the near future. (Perhaps in. Key West in January during the Key West Literary Conference

  2. ann marie says:

    i watched it the other night. it was fascinating. i didnt find it hilarious though. good work.

  3. keith moriarity says:

    Oh crap. NO home dvd? I need to see this film, i am moving to The Lower Keys and just love all the history it has. I live in Ohio currently. You’re telling me there is no way I can see this film? PooPoo.

    • knockemdown says:

      Sorry, Keith, no dvds available. Yet, it’s airing on PBS stations around the country (in Austin this month, I believe) and may be on your local PBS before you head down to the keys.

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