Escape To Dreamland

Escape to Dreamland: The Story of the Tamiami Trail is our 2008 film on the characters, culture and history we encountered on a trip along one of the loneliest stretches of highway east of the Mississippi. Originally produced for Miami PBS station WLRN, Escape to Dreamland has now aired nationwide more than 500 times.  This trip on US Highway 41 takes you through the heart of the Everglades.  You’ll meet the Giant & the Half-Girl, a skunk ape researcher, the king of the swampland salesmen and many more characters.  Here’s a 30-second film trailer and some excerpts.  Music by Deblois.

5 Responses to Escape To Dreamland

  1. Is there someplace I could purchase Escape to Dreamland?

  2. I would like to show it one time only here at the Collier County Museum in Naples, Florida. We will
    be celebrating the 85th Anniversary of the Tamiami Trail. I would like to show it FOR FREE on Friday, April 19. Is that a possibility?
    Mary Margaret Gruszka, Volunteer Coordinator

  3. GG says:

    I can identify the music introduction as a gospel bluegrass number called ‘That’s Alright’. Who is the performer/man on the guitar in the introduction of the movie trailer?

    • GG says:

      There is another number I just identified as ‘I’m a Stranger Here’..but still unable to identify the artist performing these two numbers. Wonderful soul sound…Help!

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