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What Does the News Story of the Future Look Like?

In an essay published on poynter.org, London’s Guardian Newspaper Editor in Chief Alan Rusbridger describes the challenges inherent in “embracing a world where we do not imagine that we, as traditionally trained journalists, are the only experts or authorities,” a … Continue reading

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Does Journalism Exist?

“Journalists have never before been able to tell stories so effectively, bouncing off each other, linking to each other (as the most generous and open-minded do), linking out, citing sources, allowing response – harnessing the best qualities of text, print, … Continue reading

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The Guardian’s Alan Rusbridger on Charlie Rose

The Guardian’s Editor, Alan Rusbridger on the web, the iPad, the future of journalism and the “mutualized newspaper.” Some highlights: There’s a lot to be frightened of but there’s an awful lot to like about this media revolution. We have … Continue reading

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