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Smart piece on the future of the news story

Here’s Jeff Jarvis’ post on “new forms, relationships and (business) models for news,” where he says, “I come not to kill the article but to praise it.” Here’s a link to a gigacom piece that talks about Jarvis’ and others’ … Continue reading

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Jay Rosen’s “A Viewer’s Guide to Iowa Caucus Coverage”

A great PressThink piece here in which Jay Rosen uses Joan Didion’s “Insider Baseball” and James W. Carey’s “A Cultural Approach to Communication” to deconstruct the media coverage of yesterday’s Iowa Caucus.

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Rosen to Journalists: Come to terms with the power shift

From The Browser’s “FiveBooks” interview with NYU’s Jay Rosen, in which Rosen provides five key articles written over a 10-year span — from 1999 to 2009 — that are milestones for their observations about the new media revolution and its … Continue reading

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Rappin’ on Frackin’

In a collaboration with Propublica, Jay Rosen’s journalism students have created a fantastic animated, musical explainer on hydraulic fractured gas drilling. Propublica won a Pulitzer Prize this year for national reporting. Here’s the text that accompanies the video on YouTube: … Continue reading

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“Tradition is not a business model”

A Must Read: Here’s Jeff Jarvis’ list of “the business rules and realities of news.”

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“News is an Environment, Not a Publication”

“News is an environment, not a publication” comes from a great post this week by Dave Winer. In the post, titled “Join your community on the Internet,” Winer urges news organizations to pay more attention to their readers, viewers and … Continue reading

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“Everyone’s On The Field”

Jay Rosen takes to YouTube for a commentary on the Rachel Maddow interview with Jon Stewart, as Stewart tries to engage the critics of his Rally For Sanity event.  Rosen says Stewart is wrong in trying to make a distinction  … Continue reading

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Jay Rosen Explains “The View From Nowhere”

“If in doing the serious work of journalism–digging, reporting, verification, mastering a beat–you develop a view, expressing that view does not diminish your authority. It may even add to it. The View from Nowhere doesn’t know from this. It also … Continue reading

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Jay Rosen’s Advice to the Next Generation of Journalists

NYU’s Jay Rosen uses the “I’m mad as hell” clip from the 1976 movie Network to help demonstrate what new media is doing to the groups we used to call the audience, the public, journalists and the media, in a … Continue reading

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Want to be smarter? Jay Rosen says to follow his New Media Maxims

Here’s a recent speech Jay Rosen gave at the World Bank: He details Rosen’s New Media Maxims and tells the audience if they incorporate them into their thinking they will be smarter. Rosen’s New Media Maxims: 1. Freedom of the … Continue reading

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