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Smart piece on the future of the news story

Here’s Jeff Jarvis’ post on “new forms, relationships and (business) models for news,” where he says, “I come not to kill the article but to praise it.” Here’s a link to a gigacom piece that talks about Jarvis’ and others’ … Continue reading

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Rosen to Journalists: Come to terms with the power shift

From The Browser’s “FiveBooks” interview with NYU’s Jay Rosen, in which Rosen provides five key articles written over a 10-year span — from 1999 to 2009 — that are milestones for their observations about the new media revolution and its … Continue reading

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Why We Need the New News Environment to be Chaotic « Clay Shirky

In a new post by Clay Shirky, he says: “[T]here are only three things I’m sure of: News has to be subsidized, and it has to be cheap, and it has to be free.” Also this: “None of the models … Continue reading

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Jeff Jarvis: Advice for magazines in the digital age

‘The iPad is not your salvation,’ and other advice from Jeff Jarvis for magazine publishers here.

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FTC discusses policies to reinvent journalsim

from BuzzMachine, here’s Jeff Jarvis’ take on the FTC’s recent “staff discussion draft” document to protect journalism: The document, like good government work, does a superb job of trying very hard to say very little. … Still, it’s the document’s … Continue reading

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Jeff Jarvis: “This Is Bullshit”

Video of Jeff Jarvis’ presentation from last month’s TedxNYED: Jarvis: We must stop looking at education as a product – in which we turn out every student giving the same answer – to a process, in which every student looks … Continue reading

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