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Curation vs. Aggregation

Good post by digital strategist Adam Schweigert on the role of curation in journalism. “Part guide and collector, part interpreter, part researcher, part archivist, the curator of news … collects and organizes information, places it in a broader context, mines … Continue reading

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Smart piece on the future of the news story

Here’s Jeff Jarvis’ post on “new forms, relationships and (business) models for news,” where he says, “I come not to kill the article but to praise it.” Here’s a link to a gigacom piece that talks about Jarvis’ and others’ … Continue reading

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Jay Rosen’s “A Viewer’s Guide to Iowa Caucus Coverage”

A great PressThink piece here in which Jay Rosen uses Joan Didion’s “Insider Baseball” and James W. Carey’s “A Cultural Approach to Communication” to deconstruct the media coverage of yesterday’s Iowa Caucus.

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Rosen to Journalists: Come to terms with the power shift

From The Browser’s “FiveBooks” interview with NYU’s Jay Rosen, in which Rosen provides five key articles written over a 10-year span — from 1999 to 2009 — that are milestones for their observations about the new media revolution and its … Continue reading

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Mashable: How Journalists Are Using Facebook to Share the News

Facebook’s Vadim Lavrusik and Betsy Cameron have pulled together some data to “provide journalists with some best practices and insights on optimizing their engagement and distribution on Facebook to better reach their audiences.” Check out their key findings here.

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Why We Need the New News Environment to be Chaotic « Clay Shirky

In a new post by Clay Shirky, he says: “[T]here are only three things I’m sure of: News has to be subsidized, and it has to be cheap, and it has to be free.” Also this: “None of the models … Continue reading

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Cotton Candy & Vomit: The Paige Wiser Story

Missed this story when it broke last month. Thought it deserved a look. Chicago Sun-Times fires its tv critic after she fabricates parts of her “Glee Live!” story. Why’d she do it? That’s where the cotton candy and vomit come … Continue reading

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The Economist: The End of Mass Media is a “Great Historical Irony”

A Must-Read: The Economist calls it a “great historical irony” that technology is disrupting news business models because the disruption is “in may ways returning the industry to the more vibrant, freewheeling and discursive ways of the pre-industrial era.” Check … Continue reading

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The Economic Time Machine | MiamiHerald.com

Here’s a good example of a “thoughtful structure” — this one is an interactive digital tool The Miami Herald created to explain the effects of the recession on the South Florida economy. Here’s an earlier post about this stuff, some … Continue reading

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NY Times Using Events To Sell Print

Interesting piece here today on poynter.org on NY Times’ success selling newspaper subscriptions at book fairs and festivals, such as South by Southwest.

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