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Pursuing the Holy Grail of Social Media: Fresh, Relevant & Satisfying Content

Here are voices from the front lines of the new world of journalism. Neiman Reports recently talked to members of the community engagement team at the Washington, D.C. local news & information site we’ve been following, TBD.  Read the full … Continue reading

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Viral vs. Spreadable

Henry Jenkins, author of Convergence Culture, talks with Nieman Journalism Lab’s Nikki Usher about the new book he’s writing on the difference between content created by media organizations and user-generated content. Photo by Joi Ito used under a Creative Commons license. … Continue reading

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Froomkin: “Why Playing it Safe is Killing Newspapers”

The right way to reinvent ourselves online would be to do precisely what journalists were put on this green earth to do: Seek the truth, hold the powerful accountable, expose the B.S., explain how things really work, introduce people to … Continue reading

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Update on Newspapers’ Web Readership

From Nieman Journalism Lab: “U.S. newspapers have not pushed much of their audience to their websites, nor have they followed the migration of their readership to the web.” Update of a controversial post from a year ago. Full post here.

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